I try to make regular bimonthly trips to Victoria. Arrangements can be made for pick ups and drop offs on these days, from Port Alberni through to Victoria. 



PayPal: You do not need a PayPal account in order to pay with it. I can create a personal paypal button as means to pre pay any shipping charges.


For Bike sales: shipping is negotiable.  If I use a shipper you pay. If I deliver there may be no additional shipping costs up to $30.00. 


              ~ Personally picked up and dropped off ~


                  For Restorations and other particular sales...


- From Port Alberni to Victoria Round trip = $80.00

**  If I am combining pick ups and drops then costs will be reduced.

- From Port Alberni to Nanaimo Round trip = $40.00 

- Others areas of the Island are reflective to scale of KM and time traveled

  i.e.. From Port Alberni to Parksville Round trip = $ 20.00 1 hour and 100 KM's


I can ship anywhere it is possible. All shipping charges are on the consumer's behalf. I can box and pack a bike for any destination with installation instructions, or easy installation for any bike shop.


Bikes can also be couriered to me, or shipped on the bus. Check with the courier on how they will take them. The bus needs them to be boxed. Most bike shops charge about $25.00 and up to box a bike. I don't care how they come, but please make note of all loose parts, any other extras, as well as any concerns of parts, or accessories you may feel vulnerable.


Thank you.