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December 12th 2016:

 Well it's been quite sometyime that I have done any updates. I plan to get more info up to my site. Due to a serries of set backs I have been some what un able.

I have parts, some are not listed. If your loooking for older, vintage Sturmey Archer small parts you could ask me if I have.




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Good day to you all! :UPDATE SEPTEMBER 16th 2014 - Sory to some of you that I have not been able to get back too. I also appologize to the couple of you that I had not been able to help with yet. Please if any body has an issue with me about something I can resolve, or if you still desire parts that I had not been able to get back to you about them, or your inquires please by all means get back to me. Contact Ozz



April 5th 2014,

Well, my 1957 Raleigh Superbe Sports Tourist is ready to roll. I have tinkered around with this gem over the past month or so. I am still in search for an OEM front brake lever, other than that we have a hit. See my page Project 57 for all the new photos, and the story as in the making/Restoring. 

March 24th 2014,

 I have been back in my shop over the past couple of weeks and have certainly been back in my element.  Being in a wheel chair has thrown up some obstacles as it has made things a bit slower and tougher to reach for things, though the overall process of rebuilding these great old bikes has been very much the same as ever before. Here are the last 3 cruisers I have put together, they are all in great condition.






February 17th 2014,

 Hi there, well as some of you know, and most of you do not, I have been out of action for the past couple of months. I hope to get back in my shop very soon. I miss doing what I do. Taking these great oll bikes from dirt, rust, and pure disrepair to bicycles  of beauty, and art. What I do has been my therapy, and way of life for some time now. For you, the ones that have purchased any of my bikes, have all experienced and have ridden my love and joy. My work, and art, shows my pride for all these beasts I put out, I hope to be at again in the very near future.


Thank you!



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Rock Creek & Osoyoss 1948/52

NOV. 3O 2013:

~ CCM ROADSTERS on 28's Westbound ~





Nov. 17 2013: 1980 Raleigh Transit 18.5" 3 sp. Sturmey Archer FOR SALE 

The High Nelly

August 7th 2013 - A New Shining Star * Ladies 1978 Raleigh Tourist DL 1 ROADSTER RESTORED for customer.

Uncle Tim's 48

July 1st 2013 - 1948 CCM 28" wheels 3 speed S/A drum brake ROADSTER