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 I do my very best to provide the most quality, value and dependability in all my products. Of course I am dealing with used, to very old products.




                         " PRO QUALITY GUARANTEED "







Through the process in rebuilding these bikes I rid all seeable, and foreseeable malfunctioning parts. I simply do not want to deal with warranty issues, or have to replace parts later when they should have been done beforehand. This way you end up with a great product, and when I see you again it's because you brought a friend by to purchase one of my nice bikes. 


In case, or when a situation does arise, I will repair or replace the product on my behalf/my cost. Though I will not cover; abuse, neglect, neglect beyond its purpose of product, work you have done or had done by someone else, flat tires, warped wheels, bent frames or forks. I will not cover paint chips, scratches, loss of parts, or any other related malfunctions not due to my workmanship.


I provide a well refurbished to restored product, overhauled, and protected the best against weather corrosion that I can. I take pride in my workmanship, and I truly hope you love my rides....


Restoration Warranty: I give 180 day service warranty on all Restorations. Extensions can be made under certain circumstances. Original parts may be covered for 30 days. All new parts are covered for 6 months or as stated by manufacturer


All bicycle repairs: I guarantee all of My work. I will fix, or re fix any malfunction due to my workmanship. This guarantee is valid for 30 days after pick up. With bikes that go out with 90 - 180 day warranties then these are the durations. 


Re-Shipping: Shipping warrantable products back to me are on your behalf. If I can do anything possible to gather your product back to me again without you having to deal with it, or pay anything, I will. Though due to many circumstances this may not be possible and getting your product back to me will be on your behalf, and costs. 

Upon return of product back to you: I will cover the shipping arrangements and most of the time all of the costs. Though I will not exceed over $50.00, where as all other costs will be on your (the consumer) behalf.