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Raleigh Tourist DL-1   ~  The CADILLAC of the Uprights  ~

I answered an ad that was listing a 1977 18.5" DL-1 for sale. The price was right and the seller said that all that it needded was a front tire. Well, that was sort of correct, but what it really needed was a front hub axle, a total take down, and a complete restoration.... So of course I made the purchase and then put in the grind of over 40 hours of cleaning and polishing. It all came apart and all rust, dust, and dirt was removed. The only way to do a bike like this is to strip it down and clean every thread.


I was not happy with the rear rim as it was very pitted so I laced a New NOS Dunlop Made in England rim into it. As well, I replaced the front brake pads with NOS Made in England brake pads. Other than those two replacements, this bike is all original. So it turns out this Beautiful Raleigh is 21.5" 1979 Raleigh DL-1 Tourist Mixte frame.


It is Made in England

                                     ( above ) Before


(above) These photos show the condition of this bike before I did anything to it. There was a lot of rust and corrosion. The front hub had a make shift mountain bike axle, with a quick release through it. The bike was fairly inoperable. I wasn't quite sure how it was going to come out, though once I started, I knew I had a real gem once again.



Ah... You have to love the way they clean up >


Photo update March 17th 2013:

Below: The next day, another set of photos with out the little rain drops...

                         ~ All you have to do is ride ~

- 1979 21.5" Raleigh Tourist Mixte (Ladies)  " RESTORED " DL-1

- RESTORED and OVERHAULED 120 day warranty

- The paint on this bike is fairly excellent, a few small blemishes

- Raleigh's black lacquer with red and gold pin stripes, most all of 

red is there, and only some of the gold. The decals are in good 


- This bike is in excelent condition, it runs smooth and quiet.

- 3 speed Sturmey Archer AW internal gearing

- Front and rear Rod brakes

- North Road handle bars Raleigh grips

- 28 x 1 1/2 rod brake rims 

- 28 x 1 1/2 Raleigh Roadster tires

- Brooks B-66 Sprung leather saddle

- Raleigh 6 1/2 inch cottered cranks

- Raleigh pedals