" C C M  It's The Best Bike in Town " 



         ~   C A N A D I A N   C Y C L E   &   M O T O R   Co.  ~

This is a photo from 1905, this is a full service CCM shop was either in Winnipeg or Toronto. ( I will get to back to you on this )!





Mostly all original ~ 1948/50 CCM Gent's uprite ~ 3 speed Sturmey Archer drum brake

Indoor training on your 1937 C.C.M. 28" wheeled Roadster!










- 60s/70s 18.5" CCM SUNSPORT 3 sp Shimano internal gearing

A rare and Cool Ladies CCM Late 60s early 70s 3 speed


With a rare Shimano 3 speed twist grip shifter internal rear gearing


Outfitted with a New Wald wire basket






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                               ~  Ozz S Cycle #6  ~  

                                           C C M                 

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July 10th 2012

I was on my way to Victoria last week when I had seen Mr. A set up off the highway. He is there from time to time and I had been thinking to myself that today would be a nice day to have a chat with Mr. A.


I pulled in and had seen that he had sold a lot of bikes since I last saw him about 3 or 4 weeks back. He looked out of his doorway as he usually does and immediately brightened up when he saw me, as he does. "Hey Mr. A how's it going?"  "Well, this is it," he says.  "They're almost all gone."  "Hey look at the Triumph over there oll boy," he says to me. I took one look at it and seen it had bent forks. He says, "Now that's a bike for you."   "It may have been if it was a real Triumph and an oldie," I had thought to myself.


Mr. A always has some oldies around - either very vintage, and even antiques.  This day I had my eye on one in particular, a 1917-18? Not yet sure of the make, though I am thinking I may know.  At any rate, a pretty tough-to-buy bike these days when cash is tight and project bikes are not in the agenda. Here comes Mr A, "Ah, that's a bike for you, 1917..." as he drags it out, "1 -  9 - 1  -  7."  "Yeah, I would love to do a total restore to this," I tell him.  "My Rudge took me 9 or 10 months.  This one may take longer, but what a joy it would be."


Then he says, "Well there o'll boy, come on," as he turns over and around his chicken etched, roughed edged, scratched out, and well-written all over price tag and says, "What do you have to trade?"  Eagerly waiting to hear me say something. Though I really don't have anything. I say to him, "Ha, ha, ha, Mr. A, I don't have stuff to trade, but I do love this bike."  Then he say's, "What's the price on it?"  I look, "Well which one? And besides, I have no cash."  Mr. A says, "Ah yeah no cash, no money, well come back when you have some money."  I just laughed a little, "Yeah, yeah, yeah, Mr. A."


Well, anyway, I am leaving, "Okay there Mr. A you take care."  Then he says to me, "You want a bike?" as he is holding on to this cool oldie classic motocross duel suspension #6. I look at it, thinking it looks okay, rough, rusty, dirty, in need of paint, but okay. So I say, "Sure, I will take it home". He says to me, "Yeah the rear wheel is loose or something, and hey, it's a CCM."  As I wheeled it off to my van the rear wheel barely even rolled as it was dragging along the inside of the chain stay (swing arm).


So, I did to er, as I do to em all. I accessed it then I stripped it down to frame.  This one though needed a new paint job. I only paint if nothing else can be done. I sanded the frame down, and straightened out the swing arm. That's what was wrong with this bike, and was fairly much inoperable without major reconstruction.


I then primed and repainted the frame gray, and the swing arms black. That's correct, two swing arms. I constructed another swing arm to mount over and around the existing one to beef it up and give it much more strength. I took all the rust off of the chrome, and any other parts. Everything went back together with new grease and bearings. 


I had a new seat that I had been hanging on for 20 plus years, as well a grips too. I then rigged in a 6 volt battery under the seat with a cool tail light, and a halogen head lamp. I added some pinstripes to the gas tank, and a few other graphics. Then I mounted a black S on the head for a badge and came up with the Ozz S Cycle #6. 

The bike is Awesome!  It rides very well and it all works great...! Now maybe this week, or next, I am going back to see Mr. A and I am going to work my Number 6 to a trade for that 1917 oldie sitting there waiting for my lovely hands to get a hold of her. 




The Ozz S Cycle #6