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 Hello !

 Here you can say Hi, or any thing you like... well???? you know!


Update August 8 2020;

Hi, it looks like my coment page has not been activating properly. Please your (nice) coments on google reviews... Thank you, Ozz!




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  • Steve Harris (Sunday, December 16 12 08:47 pm EST)

    That Chrome Raleigh Carlton is simply amazing!!!!

  • kevin card (Saturday, March 30 13 04:21 am EDT)

    Hi, I just see the one comment above where I am typing by Steve Harris, "That Chrome Raleigh Carlton is simply amazing!!!!" That was what I was going to say. I guess as you kept asking about the 57
    RALEIGH SUPERBE SPORTS TOURIST at Coombs. I ask is the Chrome Raleigh Carlton for sale? I might have an interesting trade. A Spring Fork Cruiser from the 50's I believe.

  • Peter (Thursday, August 15 13 07:18 pm EDT)

    Hi Ozz, Thank you so much for your assistance, advice and immaculate NOS parts that you were able to find for me to begin the restoration of my 69 Speedwell Mustang Dragster. The way that you were
    able to separate the parts and post pics online is a great idea ! I hope to deal with you in the near future for any other parts I am finding difficult to source. Thanks again Cheers Peter

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