Mid - Late  1950s  ~ G A R R Y ~


~ G A R R Y ~  by Raleigh



1 Speed coaster Resilion hub

1950s GARRY by Raleigh Made in England 1 speed 


This is a real cool 17.5" ladies bike. It's been difficult gathering info on this particular bike. Though by viewing it I can clearly see it is a Raleigh made bicycle, more than likely manufactured in the Phillips plant between the years of 1957 - 63. Also it has some nice lug work, and from my experience I will go as far as saying that this is a Clubman style, with the same geometry. Probably not Reynolds 531 tubing, rather the light weight 20/30 high carbon steel. This is quite a nice little bike.

Look at the graphics they are all there and look great, the way they did these then sure showed the passion. There is still quite a bit of red pin stripping left, you just got look a little hard at er. The head badge is real cool and rare: J. H.  Ashdown Hardware Co. This Winnipeg store first began in 1869, and at some point CCM made bikes for them for some time. Though here is this one, a English made Garry, and certainly made by Raleigh. 


- 17.5" High Carbon 20/30 Clubman style geometry frame plastic oiler on the right side of b/b.


- All original - whats not is replaced with to era OEM NOS parts (except saddle)

- 26 x 1 3/8 St. coaster/rod brake rims all new parts Rebuilt Coaster

- 26 x 1 3/8 New tires

- Raleigh/Phillips stem

- Raleigh North Road handle bars

- Raleigh/Phillips cranks

- Used Brooks saddle from the 60s

- OEM NOS Fenders - I replaced the fenders with the exact same but NEW.

This bike rides very nice... and looks good too!


All you have to do is ride...


Vintage Value:

$309.00  Sale $209.00