H        U        M        B       E        R  



           H U M B E R    S P O R T S   M O D E L  1944/45



                                 BLACK OUT TIMES


                      " Summoned for King George VI "

UPDATE AUGUST 6 2012: My Humber is humming! I have spent some time over the last while repairing and tuning this beautiful HUMBER SPORTS MODEL. This bike is out fitted with Black Out parts, nots, bolts, and most fittings. Most of the original transfers are still intact. Though a little rough they look their part. The paint is in very reasonable condition. This HUMBER has working lights off of a 1946 Front Dyno hub. ( which I suspect was out fitted a couple of years after the purchase )The head light I fashioned my self ( made in Italy )?, using a Sturmey Archer Made in England mounting brace. The tail light is a NOS black bodied Sturmey Archer. This bike features the 5 dancing man chain ring, a close to complete full chain guard. This bike is in Excelent working mechanical condition.



Made in England 



             ~    ~    1944/45  HUMBER SPORTS MODEL  ~    ~ 


- This Humber Sports Model is built by Raleigh

- This bike is 95% + original

- I have Identified a very worn out 4 on the Rear S/A hub  1944

- The exposed brazing is of goldish WW2 colouring

- Most all the fittings, nuts, and bolts are black

- 22/23" Steel luged frame - oiler on the left side and is a screw in

- The rear 3 speed Sturmey Archer hub sports black covers

- 1946 working DYNO front 6 Volt hub

- My own fashioned front head lamp, with a S/A brace

- NOS Sturmey Archer black bodied Sturmey Archer tail light

- The frame, fork, chain guard and the fenders are painted with Stock Original black enamel that was used much during the WW2 times. The paint on this bike varies, and is in reasonable condition. 

- The graphics on this bike are all there, and again are in reasonable condition.

- The brakes take double ended cables. The front cable is a NOS cable. The rear cable I fashioned using a new stock inner cable, some older ribbed black housing,  NOS barrel adjuster, and I used an anchor bolt to act as the other end. These brakes works very well.

- The calipers, and the levers are original with ( New) NOS John Bull brake pads

- This bike has a great working Sturmey Archer 3 speed long triger shifter. It has black writing, with the back plate painted black enamel.

- The chain case is all there except for a small piece for the very rear end. The oiler is on it, and does unscrew.

- The chain is stamped Raleigh

- The cranks are 6.5" Raleigh/Humber with the 5 DANCING MAN chain ring

- Raleigh bottom bracket with black cups and a stamped spindle

- The right pedal is stamped HUMBER, the left was missing I came close to a mach, though there is no name markings other than MADE IN ENGLAND on the back plate.

- Raleigh box stem with North Road handle bars

- One stock John Bull grip, the other... a fit.

The saddle is awesome, it says on the back plate - THE TERRY SPRING SEAT

SADDLE MADE IN ENGLAND. It's comfy... and original.




This Humber is made by Raleigh, as Raleigh owned Humber since the 30s. This Humber was made near or at the end of WWII . The logo states Summoned for King George VI. Here, this one is painted all black, and with little chrome. All of the mounting hardware is black, and even the Sturmey Archer axle nuts are black. There are no metal head badges, nor any on the rear fender, instead they are painted on. Metals, and chrome were limited in use during the war.


This model came to me with a working 6 volt Sturmey Archer DYNO front hub. I added the front light, (I know it's not to era) and a black to era Sturmey Archer rear tail light. The bike rides well.  I of course rebuilt the entire cycle with no real problems. 


I love these older 3-speed shifters.  Check out this one - it's a nice long trigger, and also unlike others, this one is painted black on the back side, not chrome. The saddle is original -  the choice was a Brooks leather, or a Terry spring/cushion.


To make this bike complete:

- The rear part of the chain case

- The proper head lamp

- One or a pair of OEM hand grips