~  Rudge Whitworth Britain's Best Bicycle  ~


                                           Since 1869 


" Black Out " Fully fitted 1943/45 WWII era Close to all original condition.


Originally used as a Bobby's bike


To be Restored: Stay tuned... 


Upon further viewing I can see it is a Raleigh built bicycle. Though there are no evident Raleigh marked components. The oiler is a screw in metal type ( not brass ) located on the left side. This bike is much like my 44 Humber, though lighter and with rod brakes. It rides beautifully and seemed to feel better than the Humber, though similar. I would now guess that this bike is from 1943/45. Raleigh did purchase Rudge in 1943, though specifics about particular brands and models are not so clear. During the strip and rebuild I will work on figuring it out.