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        A pair of 1950s Gent's Uprigh's 28" wheels Heading west


~ A pair of 1950s or so CCM's Heading West ~


My friend Nick KootniKoff who lives in Crestova in the Kootenays has sent me this photo of his Uncle Tim's and his friend's journey through the mountains heading towards Osooyos from Crestova which is near Castlegar B.C. 

I have Uncle Tim's bike, unfortunately you cannot really see it in this photo. Though when I got Tim's bike it had a blue painted CCM rear rim with a coaster hub. I knew it was not original due to the rest of the bike was brown, and the front wheel was the same colour too. Well, so I see it here on his friends bike. It's a bit difficult to for sure, though t looks as Tim's S's. (Tim K's. Friend) is that same blue colour as the rear coaster 28" wheel that I have. Fortunately Nick, Uncle Tim's nephew had kept the bike, and the original rear wheel. I was pretty happy when he came out of another shed with that wheel. I see why it was not in use any more. The hub needed a rebuild, and there were some broken spokes. Wheel building is one thing that many have a difficult time with, it is an art. Shops are expensive, and some times one thinks, less parts on a bike means less work to keep up too. This hub on this wheel is a 1950 8th month Sturmey Archer 3 Speed / Drum brake. After the rebuild it has been working just fine. 

UPDATE April 21st 2014: The finished job... Looking great huh?

This photo is taken by Tim Kootnikoff in around 1948-1952 And this fellow here is his touring buddy who's name is Tim as well. 




JUNE 26th 2013:


As I have been here in the Crescent Valley for the past month I have come across some certain oldies. My girlfriends brother came by my place that I have been staying and says, "Hey,  I know where an old bike is for you!"


 This bike was Nick's Uncle's bike, whom had purchased it brand new. So this kind of makes me the second owner, as it only sat around Nick's for the past 6 or so years waiting upon myself to, of course, stumble upon it. Nick's uncle had passed away a few years back and this bicycle was left to him. It's pretty intact, the paint is fair, and a lot of the pinstriping is still there. It has been used with a different rear wheel. This one is blue with pinstripes, and a New Hercules coaster brake hub. Though Nick still had the original wheel, the matching brown with pin stripes. And once I took a look I was further surprised to see a 1950 Sturmey Archer drum brake 3 speed A/W hub.


The wheel was rough, missing 4 spokes and one nipple. As well, the internals of the hub were all loose, and the brake mechanism was also shaking all over. I thought to myself that upon first impression the wheel was going to be some sort of large undertaking. Um mm, I could not just sit and look at it. I aired up the tires and took it for a spin.


Well, at the least it rolled, pedaled, and barely stopped. I tell you, putting aside the stiff links in the chain, quite the grunt to to get this big old boy rolling, but yet still a comfortable ride.


At any rate, I spent a bit of time cleaning this great classic. It became evident that this bike is in great shape. As it cleaned up so nice, I could not resist trying to salvage 4 spokes and a nipple from some old wheel around here. Well, low and behold, I found a front 27" wheel with a large flange hub, and also incredibly the spokes were the exact same size. 


So then, I pulled apart the hub to see that the keeper for the chain indicator was off to the side and also was missing the spring. To my luck I had 1 rear 1973 Sturmey hub ( wheel ) to pick parts from. I salvaged the spring, and the axle nuts and then re built the hub. 


After replacing the missing spokes and the one nipple, the wheel trued up rather nicely. I also salvaged the only Sturmey Archer shifter I have here. It was rusted solid, though was able after time to get it working. Once I get home I have one to the era. I was luckey enough to have had a few older cables with me, and one of them worked perfectly. 


So at the moment I now have a great working 1948 as the serial number suggests.  CCM Roadster 28 inch wheels with a 3 speed drum brake rear hub. I also have a matching front drum brake for this, so I may lace that in as well.


Say tuned for the rest of the story....