" My 1940 Raleigh Suprise WWII bike "


                  21" RALEIGH Upright - 28" Dunlop Rims





                              1940  WWII  VINTAGE



~  Sturmey Archer AB 3 speed  ~


~ S/A f/r Drum brakes "black cover" ~


~  Sturmey Archer Quadrant Shifter ~



Made in Nottingham England

UPDATE: August 2 2012 - I have added some new and better photos today. As well, I was able to remove most of the white splater... 

Please note: Just below, it's done.  You can take " A better and closer look " at this upright Raleigh a little more. 


 ~        ~        T H E   A L L   S T E E L    B I C Y C L E        ~         ~

As this upright came, all complete.... I aired up the tires and took it for a spin.... then I did what I do best.... I ripped it apart and put it back to gether again!

~  BEFORE  ~



"It's Done!"

~    B  L   A  C  K     O  U  T    ~

 "A better and closer look"


The bike cleaned up really well. Though someone had painted the tailend of the rear fender and never did a very good job. The paint placement was not done well and there were quite a few splatters up the backside of the rear fender. I worked it for quite some time and have been able to remove a good portion of the abuse. Though not perfect, but entirely acceptable. There are a few real tiny white splatters of paint here and there on this bike, almost unnoticeable, and yet can come off... 


The front brake cable should be replaced.  At the moment the barrel adjuster is broken and some strands of the cable are broken at the head fitting into the brake lever. I soldiered it somewhat, though I am going to work on making a new cable. 


Also the  "Miller Light".  Yes, the headlamp. It works. It is the generator not working right now. I am not certain, though I am sure I can get it going. I have already put time into it, but it is perseverance though, and another attempt that will prevail.


All in all, I love this bike a whole lot. It has been a simple pleasure to work this Raleigh All Steel Bicycle. Actually, on the top of the down tube about 1/2 way down you will find the words in raised Capital letters saying "THE ALL STEEL BICYCLE".  They are raised up, so if painted on they will stand up, a little 3-D effect.


The paint is black enamel used during war time.  It's incredible and in such great shape. You will see here all the clamps and such are painted with the same black enamel. It originally had red and gold pin stripes throughout the bike. There is still quite a lot of the red left, though most of the gold is gone. These pin stripes could esiably be wet painted on again. The transfers are worn off, except for some transfer still left on the rear fender.  The Raleigh head badge is still intact. 


This a Gents 21" upright.  I believe the name is Raleigh Sports.  It sports 28" Made in England Dunlop rims, Raleigh black-out spokes (some replaced, some with worn off black) and brass nipples on both wheels. Also the rear hub is a Sturmey Archer AB 3-speed with a drum brake. It also has a black painted cover plate. This hub is in excellent working condition.  I never went into it internally, though I did adjust it.


The front BR Sturmey Archer drum brake, also with a black painted outside cover plate. This hub is in excellent working condition. I never went into it internally though I did adjust it. The rear hub is stamped with a '0' indicating 1940.


The bottom bracket is of Raleigh, as well the spindle is stamped. The cups and the bearing surfaces are in good condition. I discarded a few bearings that were worn and replaced them with Made in England 1/4" bearings of the same quality.  Keeping these and using them with the original cups keeps the wear the same. So upon installation the spindle rotated quite smoothly, like it should.


The head and the fork are in great shape as well. I noticed no bend or visible marks of stress on the fork or crown.  The cups and cones showed very little wear, though  some of the lower bearings were cracked.  So I replaced all of the lowers, as the uppers all seem to be fine.  Upon installation there were no noticable impairments and the fork turned freely.


Every nut and bolt has been taken off and cleaned of rust and debris.  There are no stripped bolts or nuts and all are still original.

              ~ VINTAGE 1940 WWII Raleigh Upright ~


To my knowledge this bike is all ORIGINAL - except for the grips and some of the bearings that I had to replace.


- All black-out hardware and fittings 

- 21" All steel frame (CR-MO ?) it does ping, and is light

- Screw in oil port on the left side of b/b. with chain case mount on right stay

- High quality black enamel, even the stock clamps

- 28" Made in England Dunlop rims

- DOMINION HEAVY DUTY 28 X 1 1/2 X 1 5/8 Tires in good shape

- 3 speed 40 spoked Sturmey Archer AB drum brake hub BLACK OUT plate - dated with a '0' indicating 1940

- Sturmey Archer BR drum brake front hub BLACK OUT plate - not dated

- Sturmey Archer Quadrant shifter (it's so cool)

- Raleigh Industries chain (stamped)

- Raleigh bottom bracket and spindle (stamped)

- Raleigh Industries pedals (stamped) 

- Raleigh cranks 7" (long arm) and cotter pins (stamped)

- Raleigh brake levers  (stamped) as well stamped pat pending

- Raleigh head set

- Raleigh stem (stamped) stamped pat pen 1941-1943 

- Raleigh North Road handle bars (stamped)

- BROOKS Canvas spring cushion saddle

- Lay ahead Raleigh chrome seat pillar

- Miller head lamp with generator.... the light works, the generator is not

- Stock rear rack

- Stock Raleigh fenders with rear reflector and all original fittings 


All the parts on this bike are in exceptional shape for it's age. All the parts on the bike are in great  to excellent condition for any age it could be!