~  P H I L L I P S  ~



UPDATE October 14th 2012: After taking a long while of deciding what to do with my Phillips I came up with this!

I love it, it rides really well, it's decent weight, it's smooth and solid.


- Original ( 21" frame ) 1958'ish Phillips Reynolds 531 cromolly Clubman frame by Raleigh

- Original Phillips D fork solid drop ends. 

- Original Phillips/Raleigh head ( floating style )

- Original Phillips/Raleigh head light bracket

           Upgraded to 21 speed STI

- Shimano 8/3 speed Flight Deck controls using 7/3 speed 

- Dia-Comp alloy side pull caliper brake set

- Shimano Hubs Quick release with 8 speed cassette using 7

- Truvativ triple alloy crankset

- MKS alloy Quill pedals

- Shimano sealed 113 bottom bracket

- mid 2000s Shimano XT rear derailleur reverse shift

- Shimano old school Deore front derailleur 

- New Z chain

- 700 c Alex alloy rims

- Panaracer 700 x 23 c tires

- Old school Kalloy alloy quill stem

- Axiom alloy touring drop bars

- 280 mm steel seat post

- Fenders and rack

1957/61 Phillips Made in England, by Raleigh


531 Reynolds Cro-mo tubes


A Clubman frame, though less lug detail


Same Geometry as other Raleigh/Rudge/Clubman's



My 57/61 Phillips Before I started - Pre take down... 

Here I am holding this 20/21" 1957-61 Phillips up against my 20/21" 1954 Rudge Whitworth Pathfinder. The angles and measurements are the same. The tube set seems to be identical - Reynolds 531. Though as stated before, the lug detail is lacking on this Phillips. Also, the oilers on the b/b are on the reverse sides. The Rudge and other Raleigh's pre 55 use a brass fitting with a ball and spring. Whereas the Phillips, and other Raleigh's after 56/57 or so, use a plastic oiler on the right side.


As far as the ride, it rides comfortably well !

- 1957/61 PHILLIPS 531 Reynolds Tubing 

- It's a classic Roadster with the fenders, chain guard and the cushion/spring saddle.

- This Roadster sports 531 Reynolds tube set, and the same geometry as other CLUBMAN bikes of its era like my 54 Rudge. 

- This frame has the oiler on the right side, and a mount on the right chain stay for a   full chain guard case. 

- I laced in a NOS 1950 rear DYNO 3 hub

- Miller head lamp with a green NOS 1950s Sturmey Archer tail light

- 3 speed Sturmey Archer NOS shifter

- All original with some exceptions, and yet all to era

- Okay, the red chain? I have been lazy cleaning up the original.  Red looks pretty cool huh?


I am still working on this guy a little more. Getting rid of these old reflective tapes are proving to be quite difficult, and believe me I have removed !@#^%&&**^%#@!@#$^%& off these oldies...  Well at any rate it will get done soon. 


Earlie 50's Phillips pre Raleigh 


Note the chain ring - cut in PHILLIPS