Illustration of the Raleigh work bike - Pre WW2




" The  B U T C H E R   B O Y " 1957 - 63 RALEIGH work bike



This is a Rare bike it's Ridable, Comfortable, and Unique too


26" rear wheel with a 20" front wheel Swift & Nimble 


Advertise your business with a custom metal frame sign



Made in England 




                       The " LOW GRAVITY " front end carrier




UPDATE SEPTEMBER 19th 2012: I made some sticky letters advertising FLOWERS 25c EA Use your imagination any thing can advertised on this bike! 




UPDATE SEPTEMBER 7th New photos; Featuring a New/Used painted black Raleigh rear rack with a New painted black Wald basket. As well as two cargo wicker basket inserts front and rear. I've also cut in a wood template for a sign. This could be used, or could be used as a template for a metal cutting. 


When I got this home I aired up the tires and took er for a little spin. I am impressed, this bike is peddalable, using little effort, and it carves so sweet on the corners. A nice ride, I can't wait to finnish this one possible "onesie"


You can see that the top bar is straight, and that the fork is a signature Raleigh fork on the pre war frame/fork. It was after 1948-50 or so when they changed with the small upward swoop on the top bar.

Also these bikes came with rod brakes. When I got this one it had only a re laced Perry coaster hub in it. The hub is dated 1940 and does work well. 

I am working on lacing up a set of Wheels using a Sturmey Archer AB 3 speed drum brake form the 1950s with a Sturmey Archer BR drum brake up front from the 50s as well.



                                            AS I GOT IT 

So I began to dissect; As I was taking this bike apart I kept on thinking of what was all over the frame. Well, I never did figure it out, but after many hours of rubbing with certain compounds I came up with a frame from the late 50s or so looking very, very good. 

But, yes I discovered a crack on the left chain stay as you can see in the photos. It's clearly been welded before, and it does not look like the best job either. Well this bike is in too good of shape to not get it re welded. I took it to one of the best welders in town, well he ought to be, he is also a ship builder. 

The welder did a fantastic job, using silver it flowed right in there. I see no real problem using this frame now at all. I filed the weld down, and prepped that part of the rear end for paint. I used black lacquer, and I think it looks pretty good. Once the cranks, chain, and wheels are put back on it should be barley noticeable. 




                                     AFTER THE FIX 


                                " THE FINISH "


~  1957 - 63 Raleigh Butcher's Boy's bike  " The Work Bike "  ~ 

     late 50s I'm leaning in on... 


- The All Steel Bicycle Made in England, Nottingham

- 20.5" frame

- 40 spoked 1950s Sturmey Archer AB 3 speed Drum brake rear hub

- 26 and 20 x 2.00  x 1 3/4 40 holed Dunlop rim Made in England  

- The rear wheel is newly built with new spokes and nipples

- 20 x 2.00 x 1 3/4 Dunlop rim/40 spooked 1950s  Raleigh stamped front hub 

- 26 and 20 x 2.00 x 1 3/4 Silver Star Carrier Tyres 

- Sturmey Archer 3 or 4 speed "Flick" shifter control  

- Extra thick " Perry " stamped chain Made in England 

- NOS Extra thick Perry rear cog 

- Raleigh Extra thick 46 tooth chain ring on Raleigh cottered cranks

- Raleigh stamped rebuildable pedals

- Raleigh bottom bracket

- Raleigh head and fork

- Raleigh North Road handle bars

- Raleigh box stem

- Raleigh seat pillar

- Wrights? (I believe it is...) Leather saddle


It's all there, it's all riding very well, and it's all Raleigh thru and thru...!