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Re 1960's English BSA 3sp.stick Sturmy Archer my sample photo




                                       B    S    A

                            BRITISH SMALL ARMS CO.


                                  One from the past

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UPDATE December 17th 2012: Over the past summer I came across A Shimano 333 3 speed coaster wheel, and then a set of Shimano 333 3 speed pistol grips. I have  been thinking over the past 6 months or more on what I will do with my Black 20" Low Rider.

  The hub is real cool. It's 3 speed internal gearing with a coaster brake, and works just great.  And these Pistol Dorcey grips are rare nowadays, specially as they are fitted over this rare Shimano 333 3 speed grip shifter makes them even more Rare, and very cool. A few months back I found this real neat chrome chain guard with a nice looking cut, and some factory cut holes in it as well. It happens that the brake arm for the coaster hub has some factory cut holes in it too, so I had to get busy and put it all together. I replaced the cranks with a set of NOS Raleigh 44 tooth cranks. Of course made in England sporting that awesome high quality Chrome and steel. Along with the crank change I also changed the black pedals to a set of Vintage chrome plat form type. As well I laced the rear Shimano hub into a new rim. The bike came together very well. It looks rather New and it rides solid. The shifting and braking from this bike is predictable, skidding is not a problem!


            Black 'n Chrome It's all Vintage 60s/70s and looking real nice...!



Below are photos and info Pre December 17th 2012


 VINTAGE CUSTOM Low Rider 70'S 3 speed Shimano TWIST 333 Internal

REFIT 70'S 333 Parts - Late 60's made for Sears frame - made in Romania




                "A custom Low Ride"


 Featuring Shimano 333 Vintage twist shift internal gearing 1970's 





Update photos July 19th;  I have added two new Sturmey Archer tail lights. (And yes all the lights are working) I've also added a real cool Road King head badge. Most of the parts came off the Road King. The Road King was an Eatons bike. This frame was a Sears bike. Road King of Hungry, and the Sears (Wild Cat) of Romania. Both of these bikes were of the same era, the late 1960s.  

 - 1978-82 Raleigh TRACKER 20" Rebuilt/Overhauled 

- Made in Canada

- New NOS 3 peice crank

- New NOS rear rim 20" wheels heavy duty

- New banana seat

- New pedals

- New fenders


Ozz S Cycle #6         A 1979-81 CCM dirt bike MX

1970s "Dirt Master" 


One of the 1st of it's type on the market in the mid to late 70s.


Man, do I have a story or two. :)