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* Warranty on most RESTORATIONS 180 Days

Note: +, ++= I reserve the right to increase the rate due to untestable unseen-able repair needs. Also it represents higher costs due to higher quality and value of any applications over the basics, and/or standard.


I do repairs on most makes and models. 


I stock a wide vararety of New Parts and Accesories 


Flat tire repair. On the bike = $12.00 plus tube

Off bike = $6.00 plus tube



YES I do build wheels. Rough charge = $35.00 (+)


Tune ups = from $40.00  to $65.00 depending on how exstensive


Complete Overhaul = $120.00 + up to $160.00 (+)


Overhaul/Restoration = $120.00 up to $400.00 plus ++ 


LABOUR RATE: $65.00 per hour




Total Restoration:

- Strip down to frame
- Fully cleaned and enhanced
- Frame prepped
- All bearing surfaces inspected cleaned or replaced/prepped re greased
- New bearings throughout
- Hubs and spokes cleaned and enhanced
- All components and parts stripped, cleaned and enhanced
- Full rebuild
- New cables ( extra charge )
- New brake pads if needed ( extra charge )
- Replace all non savable rusted nuts and bolts etc...
- I keep all savable parts and clean and rebuild what is rebuildable
- Clean and prep the inside of the rims
- True wheels and replace any needed spokes and nipples
- 180-day service warranty

- Restoration as above - $180.00 - $260.00 ++ not known till I see the bike

- All parts are extra
- Tires -                      - $16.00 each and up
All other parts Extra - though you would be amazed as to what I can save!



1 - If you want new paint and transfers (decals) that would be another cost, of course.  For or a paint job, frame and fork would cost you $1200.00 (+)  professionally done with Powder Coating.


2 - For Professional WET paint; Full bike - Frame, fork, fenders (pair), chain guard/chain case would be roughly $900.00 + A wet paint job is more labour extensive, and has a much higher material cost.

There are pros and cons to each, though powder coating should/could/may chip less. But also it could or may be more difficult to apply transfers, and a clear coat, though not always. However a Wet paint job, and matching color is certainly possible, and the overall look in the end usually does look better, higher quality.


3- My WET paint; My paint job is worth $500.00 (+) for frame, fork, fenders, and chain guard/chain case. I do a good job, though there could be a blemish or two in the end. Nothing awful, or ugly, but things happen when painting. This includes, sand blasted or stripped, primed, painted, and cleared. 


The transfers would cost between $50.00 - $200.00 +


If you have chromed ends then chrome if wanted is extra.


Painted wheels can also be redone, as well as pin striping - costs very min. at $100.00+  per wheel set. 



1949 CCM Flyer - Before -

1949 CCM Flyer - After -


The paint was left in original condition


All parts were stripped, cleaned and re-chromed




1960's Raleigh Restoration




The bike, like all, was stripped to frame.

I painted the head, and pollished the frame and fork.

I had the fenders and chain gaurd re painted and then i applied new transfers.

All the parrts like always were taken apart and cleaned of all rust and grime.

I re installed all parts, the fenders and chain gaurd.

on this bike i put on Schawble white wall Delta Cruiser 26 x 1 3/8 tires

i replaced the rear deraileur, and all of the cables.


This bike was restored for a fellow, for his wife. it used to be her grandmothers, and it has sentimental value. Now she can ride this bike, and enjoy it much ;ike her grandmother did when it was brand new. 

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Please Note: Once we have confirmed a rough work order and estimate, a time slot will be allocated on the waiting list. Then once I receive the bike and have given it a complete assessment, I will then e-mail a complete estimate with a finish date. 


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